Healthy Holiday Gift Guide 2023

Holiday Gift Guide

I’ve put together a list of items you can gift to a loved one (including yourself). Many of these are small women-owned businesses with great quality products or just products my clients love.

For the one who love to cook …. 

  • Mac chefs knife. Every kitchen needs a good chefs knife, it’s worth the investment.
  • Virtual or in-person pasta making class. Italy comes to you! My dear friend Cameo and owner of Allora Pasta Co. started this company after training to make pasta in Italy. These classes are so much fun and you’ll never want to eat box pasta again!
  • Cookbook, Just Eat Real Food. Founder of the wildly popular blog and Instagram account Star Infinite Food, Caitlin Greene is one of the leaders in modern health-conscious cooking centered on intuitive eating and food freedom and a dear friend of mine.
  • Smart meat thermometer with bluetooth is great if you are new to cooking meats, especially a Thanksgiving turkey.
  • Phillips Air Fryer.  I’ve had an air fryer since 2012 before they became popsular and this particular one has lasted me 11 years!

For the one who cares about sustainability and non toxic living… 

For the one focusing on mental health….  

For the one who is trying to give up coffee, soda or alcohol… 

For the one who has trouble sleeping…

  • Nutrition Rewired Sleep CBD oil. This is my most popular product as of this year and I am so happy to hear how many people it has helped. The reviews are starting to speak for themselves. For 30% off use the code REWIRED30 at checkout.
  • Manta sleep mask. I’ve been using this one for over a year now. I love that it doesn’t put pressure on my eyes or eyelids and it’s washer machine friendly!
  • DoTerra Lavender Essential Oil
  • Marpac Dohm White Noise Machine 
  • Epsom salt baths. A meta-analysis published in August 2019 in Sleep Medicine Reviews found that a warm bath or shower before bed helped participants fall asleep faster and improved self-reported sleep quality. The magnesium from the epsom salt has also been shown to help with relaxation and stress.

For the one who is interested in “biohacking”, detoxification, and optimizing longevity…  

  • Broccoli sprout growing kit. Broccoli sprouts release a phytochemical called sulforaphane which can help heal the gut, reduce inflammation, and could even help fight cancer by enhancing antioxidant activities.
  • Moringa powder is a much easier way to get sulforaphane, no kit required. The link automatically applies 20% off your order.
  • Biolight red light therapy lamp NUTRITIONREWIRED10 for 10% off. This has helped me so much with skin, hormone balance, seasonal effective disorder, and a few running related injuries.
  • Inside Tracker Blood Test. This test is unique in that it looks at biomarkers that you typically can’t get at a traditional doctors visit such as apoliporprotein B which is a marker for cardiovascular disease risk, crp which measures inflammation in the body, and so much more.
  • Newman Trampoline. This is a great low impact way to get your heart rate up but also stimulate the lymphatic system. It takes some effort to set up, but it’s well worth it.
  • Lymphatic brush. Dry brushing is another way to support lymphatic drainage and circulation and is easy to include into your self care routine.
  • Mediterranean diet cookbook. 

For the one who struggles to get their vegetables in…

  • Viral vegetable chopper to save you time in the kitchen
  • Vitamin 5200 Standard blender. I’ve had this blender for 8 years now and it makes it easy to blend soups and smoothies. Sneak spinach, cauliflower, or kale without even tasting it!
  • Nama J2 Juicer. I got this last year and it’s so much quieter than my previous juicer and I get a lot more juice out of the leafy greens. Use the code ERIN80 for 80$ off around black Friday.

For the one who loves fitness…

For the one who struggles with digestion or hormone balance…..  

  • Digestive enzymes . This broad spectrum digestive enzyme support digestion and utilization of different foods to help prevent bloating and gas. These are especially great for eating away from home!
  • Seed cycling Kit. My friend Kate, a registered dietitian, started this company to help women support healthy hormones naturally with the power of nutrients. ERIN15 for 15% off  
  • Tend care package for cancer patients.  If you know someone who is receiving active cancer treatment in Massachusetts, this would be a great treat for self care which also includes a recorded webinar by me about nutrition, mental health, and the gut microbiome, in addition to a pasta class from Allora Pasta Co.
  • Heating pad. This is the best for cramps and bloating.
  • Castor oil with pack. Honestly, castor oil is great on any area of the body but rubbing on your belly can help support digestion and blood flow to help prevent cramps and inflammation.

Stocking stuffers:

If you are interested in gifting my 1:1 nutrition coaching services to a loved one, just reply to this email and I will create a specialized gift card to be printed or emailed.

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