• By: E. N 2024

    I worked with Erin for three months. My primary goals were to improved my digestion, eliminating constipation. Yes, I accomplished this goal, with most days having a normal bowel movement. Erin was very supportive, nonjudgmental and helpful. She offered suggestions on supplements, recipes, stress reduction, etc. I would say, definitely work with a holistic dietician. My experience with Erin has been worth the money and the time. I felt supported, cared for, and had a reduction of symptoms.

  • By: K. Y.

    I did the 3 month 1:1 plan with Erin! My primary goal was to get rid of my SIBO - but this quickly changed after we began working together. There were so many holistic aspects of my life I was missing because of my gut tunnel vision! Erin is the first healthcare provider who really listened to me. She both gave me actionable things to think about and work on and made it a priority to ask me what I wanted out of this experience; she made sure I had all the resources I needed/wanted. I've been to so many GI specialists over the past few years in my journey to address my gut issues, and even a nutritionist, all of whom gave me unsatisfactory answers and didn't take my symptoms seriously. Working with Erin was so supportive - it felt like a nutrition crash course and therapy at the same time. Erin is the BEST.

  • By: Zach G.

    I took the 3 month with weekly 30 minute zoom sessions....my initial goal was to reduce my stomach discomfort from medication I take on a regular basis and improve my overall poor gut health. I accomplished my goals and MORE...I became more informed on gut health and diet on many levels w Erin's guidance. Her advice was simple and actionable.

    Working with Erin resulted in continuous and sustainable improvement........anyone with has not improved with other providers should consider a 3 month session with Erin..she excels with tough gut issue cases....her starting point is fact based...starts with a FDA approved GI stool test.

    To sum up very satisfied with my experience with Erin on many levels....results and education. Erin's breadth and knowledge of gut issues is very broad and deep......Her strong point is presenting a culture of caring when dealing with gut issues....she understands the frustration of stubborn gut ailments...because she has personally been down the road of stomach ailments.

  • By: Heather Saunders

    My journey with Erin at Nutrition Rewired has been nothing short of miraculous. For the past three years, I've felt like a mere shadow of myself, battling radiating joint pain with daily doses of Advil and crawling into bed each night drained of energy. But now, thanks to Erin's protocol, I feel like a brand-new person - full of vitality and joy.

    What strikes me most about Erin's methods is its simplicity and effectiveness. Unlike the myriad of treatments and consultations I've endured in the past, this protocol is refreshingly straightforward. The changes I've experienced since starting this program are truly remarkable. No longer do I rely on painkillers to get through the day; instead, I feel energized and alive. Erin has not only alleviated my symptoms but has also addressed the root causes of my pain, allowing me to truly thrive.

    But perhaps the most significant transformation has been in my role as a mother and wife. With renewed energy and vitality, I'm able to be more present and engaged with my family. I cherish the moments spent with my children and am able to fully participate in activities with them, free from the burden of constant pain and fatigue.

    After years of searching for answers and consulting countless doctors, discovering Nutrition Rewired feels like a miracle. I'm filled with gratitude for this program and its life-changing effects. It's no wonder I've been eagerly sharing my experience with everyone I know - this protocol truly is unbelievable. Erin has transformed my life, and I have no doubt it can do the same for others.

  • By: P.B.

    I completed the three-month program. I have had stomach pain, constipation and bloating for more than 10 years. I also gained a couple of pounds due to over eating, as eating was the only thing that sometimes helped me with the pain. I got used to the bloating and the pain thinking that it was 'normal' until it began to interfere with the relationship with my family. They didn't understand that if I didn't eat at a specific time, I would experience bloating and pain ruining the remaining of the evening to spend with them. I came across a gut health related post from Erin and decided to do something to change my life. Working with Erin was wonderful; she is very knowledgeable and helped me understand how I could have a better quality of life without stomach pain and bloating. She also provided me with tools to manage constipation and improve my eating habits. A major lifestyle change for me was to stop drinking coffee. Erin challenged me to stop drinking coffee for a week and it was the best thing I have ever done. I have been an avid coffee drinker for 8 years but I now know that coffee was killing my stomach and my mental health. Since that change I do not experience as much anxiety as before and I feel better and energized throughout the day. I would have never guessed...what a win! I highly recommend Erin, thanks.

  • By: Sophie Grayer

    I completed the 3 month program with Erin. My primary goals were to minimize my acid reflux to avoid medication, eliminate stomach pain and bloating, and overall just feel better. I'm happy to report I saw significant improvement across all three overarching goals through my program with Erin. I'm still working on how these changes can create a lasting and sustainable pain-free life, but I am so grateful for my time with Erin. It helped me frame everything and ask all the right questions in my daily life - having information to make informed decisions is key. To someone who is on the fence, if you can invest in yourself for 3 months, it will be worth it. My success story with Erin is one I will take with me wherever I go.  Pain, discomfort, lethargic behavior, etc. are not inevitable parts of being a woman. You can change them and transform how your body feels, empowering you like you wouldn't believe.

  • By: N.G.

    I worked with Erin in her individual 6 month program. When I began working with her I was constantly tired and EXTREMELY insecure in my body. I had been taking over 12 different supplements every night to make myself go #2 and the amount of each supplement was embarrassingly high. Every night I would chug over 8 spoonfuls of miralax and 9 scoops of magnesium citrate with 3 other powders I found online that said it would help me go. When first meeting with Erin I truly believed at that point that nothing could help me, I was exhausted with this journey and felt completely alone. Fast forward to 6 months later, I am more energized and confident in myself than I have been in 8 years. My hormones aren’t out of sync, I don’t live by food rules, I enjoy life and I am more healed than I ever thought was possible. She has somehow found a way to help me become more confident in my body while also teaching me that eating foods you love and food that is good for your soul is not a bad thing. I have finally taken a sigh of relief because I don’t take 15 minutes a night to down so many supplements to go #2. I take one now, and it’s a very small amount. Erin has changed my life and helped me in more ways than I ever expected. I couldn’t recommend her more.

  • By: Breanna Reid

    I ordered a GI stool test with Erin followed by a 3 month protocol according to my test results. For years I have struggled with gut issues, I just never knew what was normal. I’ve always been super active in the gym and watched what I ate for the most part, or what I had thought was healthy. I struggled with bloating pain, couldn’t lose weight, inflammation, going to the bathroom all day long no matter what I ate, super tired and stressed. I was mentally and physically in a place where I didn’t feel normal I knew something was wrong and I had to get answers. Originally I went to the GI doctor but wasn’t confident in what they were telling me, I left feeling so discouraged. I decided to do my own research and that’s when I found Erin on IG. I related to all her videos and felt she was super genuine. Fast forward 6 months and I’ve never felt better and so so grateful for her help and all the knowledge I have learned along the way. Health is so important to me and it’s lead me to feeling my best in my fitness journey and allowed me to face new challenges that push me. I whole heartedly believe in holistic dietician and recommend to anyone who asks me. 

  • By: Kari F.

    I can't say enough about my ongoing experience with Erin. I have been working with Erin for about a year, one on one, to improve my symptoms from Crohn's disease and menopause. I originally came to Erin after getting some bad medical advice to follow a very strict elimination diet which wound up actually making my symptoms worse - and led to a lot of additional anxiety. A friend recommended Erin as an excellent medical professional to help with nutrition. Erin not only guided me back into a normal diet, she provided much needed emotional support and advice to help me overcome the food-based anxieties I faced during the elimination diet. Erin also provides a focus on women's health and always provides excellent explanations on the biochemistry and meanings behind food interactions. She is always up on the latest research on food and supplements as health based solutions and she works hard to emotionally support her patients. Erin's professionalism, genuine care and care for her patients, technical knowledge and great communication have resulted in me feeling 100% better over the year I've been working with her. Additionally, she is a lovely human being that I feel lucky to have as part of my "medical team." I trust her 100%. Erin has provided more genuine value added medical and personal support than most of my doctors. I plan to continue working with her from now on. She is, simply, the best and has made a real difference in my quality of life.

  • By: Daniela Caporale

    I recently completed the 3 month individual program with Erin. Prior to working with her, I had gone to two holistic dr's and spent a lot of money on products, tests and interventions which did not work for me. The experience compelled me to do my own research and that's when I stumbled upon Erin's instagram page. Unlike my prior experience with the two dr's , Erin was understanding, compassionate, kind and didn't push any of her products on me. She was patient and empathetic with not only my physical issues, but also the anxiety and mental anguish that I was going through about my health. Erin would consistently check in on me and I had 24/7 access if I had any concerns. I recall a specific experience when I was nervous about my GI Map results and she reached out to me to review them before getting on her flight. This helped ease my anxiety as she provided a clearer picture of what was going on. I also appreciated that she was willing to work within my medical program and was supportive of my decisions even if I needed to be on medication. There were so many other instances where she went above and beyond to ensure that my physical and emotional concerns were being addressed. I have recommended Erin to friends and family members not only because she is an Amazing human being, but also because her expertise and treatment methods are attainable. I wish that I had found her first. It would have saved me a lot of heartache, time and money. 

  • By: Dina Ledbetter

    My work with Erin started with an initial consult. I told her about this awful smelling gas I have that occurs almost everyday around 2pm no matter what I eat. It lasts all night, and it is uncontrollable. After I told her about my many years of failed attempts to identify the root cause with several gastroenterologists, Erin had me complete a GI Map Stool test. Once the results were in, we discussed them and she came up with a protocol for me to follow. I knew that healing my gut was going to take time, but I was committed. I followed the protocol she wrote for me and then followed up with her 2 weeks later. I was so incredibly excited to let her know that in those 2 weeks, I didn't have any of methane-smelling gas that has ailed me for years!!! My specific protocol that she has me following is not complicated, and I am not struggling at all to stick to it. I know that my gut healing journey has just begun, but I am thrilled to have Erin help me through this. I trust her with all of her incredible knowledge and experience. I really wish I would have found her sooner. And if you're on the fence about working with a holistic dietician, my recommendation is to contact them and just talk. See if it's a good fit. Your gut will let you know. 🙂

  • By: T.H. 3 Month Program 2022

    I completed the 1:1 3 month coaching program with Erin. My primary goals were healing my gut, developing a better relationship with food and leaning out. I did accomplish a good majority of my goals of healing my gut and developing a better relationship with food. My work with Erin was realistic and she taught me sustainable ways to think about how to nourish my body. Working with Erin was very beneficial in that she was able to talk through your concerns, any issues you were having or even 'fears' around food and walk you through how food is nourishment. If you are confused or feel lost, working with Erin or a dietitian is extremely helpful and simplifies it all! I am grateful to Erin for always checking-in on me and willing to help with any of my questions at any time of the day!

  • By: Ashley J.

    I need more than 5-stars to rate my experience with Erin, because 5-stars doesn’t do her justice. She is a wealth of knowledge and listens better than the average practitioner. I found Erin when western medicine and traditional tests said everything was “normal” but I knew something was off. It wasn’t until I took the recommended gut tests and had my sessions with Erin did I get answers-upper GI irritation, hormonal imbalance & a need to take different supplements. But even more than the test results, she treated like a piece of the puzzle & she listened to my symptoms! It’s not often you get such a thorough explanation BUT with Erin you will. Sometimes it doesn’t take a lot to make things better and in my case she quickly deciphered what was needed and how to implement these adjustments immediately. Erin empowers, uplifts and genuinely cares. It is with zero reservation I recommend anyone wanting to get to the root of the problem and improve your health. Erin is the woman you want when you need answers!

  • By: Andrea Grade

    I completed 1-1 coaching with Erin for her six month program option. I absolutely loved it. Erin really gears her coaching and goals for the individual and ensures that you are doing things that are meaningful to your overall goals. For me, more food freedom and less restriction, along with gut healing and health, were my primary goals. I would absolutely encourage anyone to work with a holistic dietician if they are on the fence as I think it can be a great team member to healing, especially if you struggled with eating disorders or hormone health in the past. My only suggestion would be the option to continue services longer than 6 months. When my coaching session was coming to an end, I wished that I could continue with Erin to encourage more sustainability and accountability our goals.

  • By: Maureen C.

    Anne recommended Erin to me about 8 months ago when I was really struggling with my digestion. I have always been a healthy eater but certain medical issues combined with medication was the tradeoff for a healthy gut. I have learned that I can eat more food, weigh less, and feel better. I have appreciated the openess of the others in the group and learned from their sharing. I am glad I made the 3 month commitment and miss the comradery and of course Erin.

  • By: Kelly Miyata A.

    I am a HUGE fan of Erin Kenny and her approach to helping people with their health and life in general. I stumbled on her site through a random FB post and am so glad I did! I joined her small group coaching program, in hopes to learn more about some gut issues I’ve dealt with my whole life. I learned far more than I ever expected and connected with a group of individuals that were experiencing relatable things. HIGHLY recommend following her on social media (tons of great info), listening to her podcasts and connecting with her for 1:1 or group coaching. She’s a life changer.

  • By: Katrina W.

    Erin is very knowledgeable and helpful. She looks for natural solutions. I have occasional, but very tough insomnia, and she recommended essential oils and magnesium, in a lotion to bypass my digestive tract. It has worked like a charm. She also took a look at my supplements and changed dosages and brands to higher quality so they would be more efficient. She asks the right questions to get to the heart of the issues, which are many times difficult to tease out. Highly recommended!

  • By: Angie N.

    Erin has been the greatest gift! She is super knowledgeable and really helps you get to the root cause of what’s going on. I have had GI issues for a lot of my life and finally decided to figure it out. Doctors wrote me prescriptions and although their intent was good, they didn’t came close to truly helping me. I can’t believe I questioned for so long not feeling great and thinking I was overreacting. And I’m pretty convinced if I’d continued on the same path I’d end up with an autoimmune disease. Erin is a true gem.

  • By: Paula W.

    Erin is exceptional. She brings her whole heart and soul to her business and work with clients. You can expect a research-based approach that is wholehearted, empathetic, joyful, and realistic. My journey has had good days, great days, and bad days, and she was with me every step of the way. Working with Erin changed my entire life – most importantly, my relationship with my body, food, and mindset. Her knowledge, approach, and style was well worth the investment and I have immeasurable gratitude for her impact and influence on me. Thank you, Erin!

  • By: Kristen Tenglin

    Erin is amazing! This was the most worthwhile investment in my health. Her warm, professional, and holistic approach to wellness is rooted in research and goes beyond the gut – though that was a main focus -, striving toward a complete yet realistic and sustainable lifestyle. I looked forward to our weekly meetings and would recommend her to any one of my friends and family members who is looking to become their healthiest self.

  • By: Erica Piazza

    I came to Erin as a last resort after a misery of GI doctors, tests, medications and different elimination diets with no answers on the crippling stomach pains and severe constipation i had been experiencing for years. By the time I started working with Erin I essentially had just come to terms that I would never have answers for my random stomach pains and that magnesium citrate would be a daily med for me. After working with her for 2 weeks I realized she should have been my first stop!! Erin truly is one of the smartest people I have ever met and truly takes the time to educate herself and sharing her knowledge with others. She was right there by my side every week sharing new recipes I might like, recommendations of supplements I should take, helping me hit my weekly goals, etc. After 3 months of working together we were able to figure out what triggered my stomach pains (gum additives which no GI doctor ever mentioned) and creating HEALTHY and REALISTIC eating habits to help with my bowel movements. So happy & proud to say that the work I’ve done with Erin has become apart of my daily habits and I don’t even think twice about it now. I am so glad I decided to work with Erin and can enjoy my life again!! To anyone thinking of working with Erin – do it, I promise you won’t regret it.

  • By: Johanna Ryan

    Working with Erin has been the best choice I’ve made in a long while! Erin is knowledgeable, kind, patient and a great listener. She focuses on your individual needs, and allows you to move at your own pace which I find very helpful. Each session is targeted on what YOU would like to work on. She also focuses on new additions to add in instead of things to TAKE AWAY or AVOID. I have found that the simple awareness of what I was eating rather than avoiding fats/carbs/etc. to be extremely helpful and a much more sustainable goal! I would recommend Erin to everyone – you won’t be disappointed!

  • By: Marissa Caluori

    Erin is truly a master of nutrition! During my time as her client she was engaged and offered support in any way I needed it. She is incredibly knowledgeable about gut health and how it relates to so many parts of a persons overall health. She took into account how she can best help me reach my nutritional goals, always asking questions and giving feedback. I have recommended her services to numerous friends and family members because I feel so strongly about what she can provide to her clients. Best RD out there!!!

  • By: Jennifer Mumby Bazante

    I started working with Erin several months ago. I always thought I was doing a pretty decent job with my nutrition, but after working with Erin, I found that I could benefit from making some important adjustments. For one, I realized that I wasn’t eating nearly enough protein, and she helped me with meal planning to adjust for that. We also took a look at supplements and foods in a comprehensive way so that I was getting those crucial nutrients in my diet. I just loved working with her and highly recommend her!

  • By: Connor Mack

    Erin is extremely passionate about what she does. I was having chronic stomach issues for years. After working with Erin, not only did I enjoy eating the meals but they allowed me to rebuild my gut health. I would recommend her for anyone and everyone!

  • By: Pete Wallmann

    This is my second time buying CBD Oil from Nutrition Rewired and I’m thankful to have found Erin. There’s so many different options you can go with nowadays when it comes to cbd and so I like being able to buy with confidence.

    Erin knows her stuff, she’s learning and improving so much everyday and that’s a game changer in the world of health.

    Her unique blend of cbd is really nice. •It doesn’t make you sleepy which means you can use this product any time of day without worrying if it will interfere with your day per drowsiness. It doesn’t, (at least I have not experienced it) •It relaxes your body, but it does so in such a natural way. Like you just feel reset. It just takes the edge off.

    I use this product for Anxiety Relief and in my opinion it’s the best thing out there. If you experience being overwhelmed more than you’d like and are looking for something to help, try this. I think you’ll find it a pleasant surprise as I did.

    Shipping was fast! Package was authentic with a handwritten card from her where she expressed such meaningful and personal gratitude.

    Thank you Erin for your hard work and devotion to people’s health!

  • By: Heidi Nadeau

    I started working with Erin after a DNF at the 2019 Boston Marathon. She helped me look at different race nutrition and hydration strategies and following the DNF I was able to fuel and PR at the 10 mile distance twice. I look forward to working with Erin as racing returns for her keen insight about more digestible options as I transition to ultramarathons over the next few years.

  • By: Pam Schulman

    Erin is outstanding.

    I started working with Erin one year ago, in April 2019, and I could not be happier that I did. She has changed the way I view my body and my health and for that I am so grateful. She has helped me reach my goals in a manageable and sustainable way, something I had never been able to before. She is responsive, flexible, professional, and easy to talk to. She has the unique ability to tailor the conversation to what her clients need in that moment. For example, in one session she can comfortably engage in emotional and eye opening conversations on mental health and body image. On the other hand, she can easily switch into an explanation of intricacies of human biology, gut health, meal planning etc. Essentially, she is a textbook of information, but she knows how to make that knowledge effective for the whole person. If you would like more details about my experience, please message me and I would be happy to discuss my experience working with Erin.

  • By: Hanna Brucker

    My favorite thing about working with Erin is her mentality of “addition”! We focused on all these foods, flavors and activities to add into my lifestyle to better support my goals and conquer my concerns. This helped me feel like I am making good conscious choices to include things in my diet; a huge change from the diet culture of “removing” things. I cannot say enough good things about my experience; but to sum up, I feel empowered! If you want to make real changes and also bring a tremendous light into your life, get connected with Erin!

  • By: Anne Ryther

    You need Erin in your life. I stumbled across a posting of hers last summer online after a long struggle with disordered eating I was ready to make a change and looking for someone who could help me after 14 years start to regain a healthy relationship with food and allow me to be present and enjoy food with friends and family. In the time I’ve known Erin she has helped me to accomplish this along with so much more. Every step along the way she has been there. She is incredibly supportive and an amazing friend. I love learning from her and the fact that we can talk through anything. Working with Erin is truly a collaboration.

    Something Erin wrote in her cookbook made me cry the first time I read it.

    “I believe that all foods can be part of a healthy diet and nothing should be off limits unless it causes true damage to the body. Food is security. Food is family and friends.” – Erin Kenney

    Erin brings this caring and restriction free mindset to every session . Erin goes out of her way to make you feel comfortable and get to know you. She looks at your situation from all angles. When I became a nurse this year Erin helped me with making menus and meal plans for the week and to figure out my eating schedule when I was working nights. When my dad was diagnosed with cancer Erin offered to help in any way she could helping me by looking at the current supplements he was taking. She is someone that everyone needs in their life. I am blessed to be working with someone so special.

  • By: Timothy Shaw

    My days are packed with physical and mental challenges from my fitness to my job, Erin put together a plan that was so different and a perfect fit for my life style. It has changed my who life. With the challenging times we are in now I can say that if it was not for the help Erin has given me I would not be ok at all. If you want to improve in every aspect of life, I strongly very strongly encourage you to contact Erin.

  • By: Chloe Anne Crappell

    When I started working with Erin back in November I was lost. I knew the general idea of what a healthy lifestyle looked like but as an athlete on a strict training schedule I soon realized that I was completely underselling and that is why I was constantly struggling with low energy. After working with Erin I now know what foods to fuel my active lifestyle and how to live a healthy balanced lifestyle!

    Not only did she teach me more than I could have imagined, she always responded almost immediately if I had any questions or needed help shopping for groceries!

    Thank you for everything Erin!

  • By: A.D.

    I completed the 1:1 3 month program with Erin. My primary goals were to get off of my PPI medication, try to get to the root problem of my symptoms where my GI doctor had left off, and just generally feel better. I have been working with my GI for almost 3 years now and was tired of feeling terrible and being told time and time again that my results were all negative or everything seemed healthy. Erin was an absolute life-saver. She never judged me for anything that I had tried or was experiencing, and it was amazing to finally feel heard again. I loved that she was able to suggest some tests and strategies that my GI and GP hadn’t considered before. Plus she always comes across as genuine and understanding. I honestly felt like I was catching up with a friend every week rather than having a medical appointment. The way that she went about working with me was to focus on things that we could add into my diet and lifestyle that would benefit me while making it feel like I wasn’t being restricted, even though there were foods that we were avoiding for various reasons. I also really appreciated that we looked at more than just the affects of diet during our sessions. We talked about how to listen to our bodies cravings and symptoms, how the female cycle affects our energy levels, ways to incorporate movement that was mindful but didn’t deter gut healing, how to cope with stress and anxiety, and so many other helpful tactics. Everything that we discussed was simple to implement and I can see myself continuing these healthy habits in the future. The past 3 months have flown by. I’m really looking forward to continue working with Erin in her graduate program to tackle a few new goals that popped up during our time together.

    If I were to give advice to someone who is on the fence about working with a holistic dietitian, I would honestly tell them to stop waiting and just do it. I put off working with a dietitian much longer than I should have for multiple reasons, but after working with Erin I wonder why I didn’t take this step sooner. The most important thing for me was to find someone that not only had experience with one of my diagnosed conditions, but also someone who I connected with on a personal level. I also think that the holistic part was key for me because some of my symptom triggers were lifestyle related rather than simply food related. However, I think everyone can benefit from learning how to be more holistically healthy.

  • By: Lina Belalcazar

    Working with Erin was so, sooo helpful! I reached out to her while i was starting to prepare for the NYC marathon and felt my nutrition wasn’t giving me the energy I needed. Shortly after this, I found out I was pregnant and having Erin’s support has helped my pregnancy tremendously, not only to make sure I was taking the right supplements but making sure I was keeping a balanced and healthy diet -without restrictions and keeping in mind what my body needed. She’s a good listener, super responsive and available to send you recommendations and follow up via email. I would recommend Erin without hesitation!

  • By: Brittany York

    I am so grateful to have met Erin! I’ve struggled for a while with food sensitivities and Erin helped me revamp my diet in a sustainable, healthy way. She was patient and asked really great questions. She not only helped me come up with alternate meal ideas but she helped change my mindset about food. She always encouraged me and motivated me. Not only is she super knowledgeable in her expertise, but she is also kind, genuine, and a pleasure to be around. I always looked forward to our meetings and am so grateful for everything Erin taught me. Thank you, Erin!!!

  • By: Noel Renaghan

    Erin is a powerhouse of knowledge on nutrition – she provides cutting edge information on all areas related to nutrition.

  • By: Elise Bowes

    Speaking with Erin felt like I knew her for years as she was so friendly and so knowledgeable. When I laid down at night I could not shut my brain down to fall asleep easily and have different anxieties throughout the day. After speaking with Erin I started the oil and have loved what it has done for me. Helps me fall asleep And feel like me again. Looking forward to many more bottles and product in the future. TY Erin!

  • By: Caitlin McInnes

    So knowledgeable but not pushy with anything!

  • By: Maria Auxiliadora Bertho A.

    Meeting Erin was an absolute pleasure! She is very knowledgeable and made it very easy for me to start this journey into a more sustainable, healthier and happier lifestyle 🙂 I struggled following meal plans before because they were not realistic and very hard to follow for an extended period of time. Luckily, Erin helped me create a meal plan that is just perfect! It is manageable, easy to follow and customized to include the foods that I like and know how to make. She also shared a lot of breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes that are healthy, delicious and super easy to make! I am very grateful for all the help I received from her with my nutrition and workout plans. It has all been beyond helpful and I finally feel like this is a lifestyle I can maintain.

    ps: her CBD oil is a MUST try. It is life-changing to say the least!

  • By: Samantha Daboul Hanna

    My husband and I have know Erin for many years. Since we have known Erin, she has always been passionate about physical and mental wellness. She is now our dietician and we go to her for any questions or concerns regarding nutrition and weight management. She also has amazingly healthy, fun and delicious recipes. Erin is an incredible inspiration and knows her stuff. She is a great source for information and incredibly motivating. Highly recommended!

  • By: Kelly

    I lost roughly 20 pounds just from her guidance of trying to eat more food ! She gave me great options and always had an alternative if I had a craving. She created a meal plan specific for my needs with food I LIKED!. Besides creating an easy to follow, true to my food preferences, and helpful food plan, she has always been there when I need her. If I cheat or want a substitute, she answers me right away, that is why Erin is special. Her ability to give me substitutes or help me when I cheat is what has kept me on my plan.

    She is kind, caring, strong, compassionate, and intelligent. You are not a number to her, you are a person who wants to change for the better. Please, take my UTMOST recommendation for Erin. Whatever your goals are, she can help you! She has been my sole guidance in both losing fat and gaining muscle. If you are looking for a change or just need to take control of your health, she is the perfect person for you!

  • By: Josh

    I haven’t smoked a cigarette for 6 months. Honesty might be the most important aspect of her line of work, and it’s not always easy communicating that with people who might be feeling susceptible. Erin however, has always handled it like a seasoned professional.

    I can’t thank her enough for her thoughtfulness and availability. If you want to be inspired and hooked on a healthy lifestyle that is designed to help anyone, consult Erin. Her energy alone will empower and motivate you to never give up.

  • By: Bobby

    Erin is without a doubt one of the most concentrated and dedicated nutrition/wellness coaches I have ever had the pleasure of working with. It is obvious from her continued commitment to research and education that she has placed herself into a position to make herself time and time again a valuable contributor and leader in the wellness field.

    As a former athlete and busy professional, I asked Erin to put together a meal plan for me that would allow me to maintain a high protein diet, support my active lifestyle and also not yield a long preparation time. Erin was able to implement a meal plan and diet schedule that not only met, but exceeded my expectations. The information and structure she provided for me allowed me to adjust my diet without demanding a large alteration in my lifestyle. With her personalized understanding and application of my needs, and the experience I had with Erin, I would readily and highly suggest her to anyone looking for a motivation and committed wellness trainer.

  • By: Will

    In short my visit was amazing! Erin made the whole experience extremely easy. I came into it with a goal in mind and thanks to Erin’s work I was able to hit my target. I lost 13 pounds in two months. The best part was I did not feel like I was suffering from the diet. This was the first time I was able to fully commit to a set diet plan. Erin was always there to answer questions and provide support. As far as my personal nutrition goes, I will never go to anyone else for advice and help.

  • By: Amber

    An encouraging and dedicated spirit, Erin opens her arms to all who are in need of her wisdom. I feel comfortable approaching and confiding in her with my health questions or concerns. Not only has she been accepting and trustful, but she is a well of knowledge and a container of innovative/up-to-date health information!

    I believe her lifestyle and practices speak for itself; she’s truly passionate in her work and this emanates from the inside out.

    The part she plays in others’ worlds, as well as our world as a whole is appreciated. The ways in which she approaches her life’s pursuits is also to be admired, as I’m sure she inspires and creates space for many to become healthier versions of themselves… thank you for being a living example that shows us what healthier pathways look like and then illuminating it for us to step into.

  • By: Ben

    I would highly recommend anyone looking for help to lose weight and make healthier nutrition and food choices to contact Erin. She’s very professional and extremely knowledgeable especially in regards to nutrition. It’s evident with amount of time and dedication Erin puts into her work that she takes great pride in her profession and cares about her clients. Erin has helped me in every aspect of my nutrition and even spent the time to help me come up with meal plans. You won’t find a more dedicated, hard working, and caring person than Erin and I would highly recommend her.

  • By: Cam

    Erin showed me real and practical steps to take to reach any fitness goal I wanted, stretching far beyond a several week plan. She is encouraging when I am feeling frustrated from a bad workout, patient when I ask the same nutrition question over and over, and passionate about her work and the lasting success of those she helps. I am forever grateful for all of the help she has given me.

  • By: Justin

    More than anything Erin provided me with the guidance and knowledge to make informed decisions about the meals I am eating and how to get the best performance out of my body. I would recommend Erin’s services to anyone from the person looking to lose weight to the person who wants to make a conscience decision to eat healthier and feel better to the athlete looking to get the most out of their training.

  • By: Emily

    Erin has been the best part of my journey to relearn healthy habits when it comes to nutrition. Erin’s approach is all encompassing as she doesn’t limit her studies to the chemistry of our metabolisms or the psychological relationship people have to food. She instead uses her sharp people skills to learn what motivates and supports you all while giving you impeccable nutrition counseling.

    Erin early on identified that I’m most likely to adopt new ideas when I understand the science behind them, meaning she’s sent me research journal articles and explained concepts. That coupled with the nutrition guidelines she provided for me has led me to lose 40 pounds over this last year. But if you can believe it, the numbers really aren’t what make me proud of my work with Erin. Today I stand before you able to take care of my body, nurture it, appreciate it, and honestly love it for the first time in my life.

    It took a lot of work to get to that point. Erin noticed that I didn’t trust my body to handle the slip-ups I might have in my diet. I would get so worked up over cravings or missing a gym session which was depleting a lot of my energy to deal with my very busy life. She gave such insightful “assignments” outside of my nutritional goals or meal ideas which helped me dive into this issue and grow my trust in myself. She honestly has helped me become a stronger person, and you won’t go wrong working with her.

  • By: Mike DiMatteo

    I hired Erin for her meal prep service and I could not of been happier! When I thought of meal prep services the first thing that came to mind was bland. Erin went above and beyond to create delicious dishes that pertained to what I was trying to accomplish. Along with that she made me unbelievable protein bars to get me through my day. Do yourself a favor and hire Erin.