Rewire Your Gut
Group Coaching
Online Course

  • Are you tired of feeling bloated all the time?

  • Have you gone to multiple doctors with no resolve?

  • Are you confused about what to eat for optimal health?

  • Are you hoping to achieve results WITHOUT restrictive diets?

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This 12 week coaching program will cover everything you need to know about how to:

  • Identify diet and lifestyle modifications that naturally support the health of the digestive system, gut microbiome, mental health, hormone balance, and other systems in the body.
  • Detect and address digestive disorders such as IBS, SIBO, Constipation, Candida, H.Pylori, and GERD.
  • Plan and prepare meals that support the gut microbiome.
  • Apply skills to improve digestion and energy levels.

What this program isn’t:

  • A quick fix
  • A weight loss program (although some people have reached a healthy weight through supporting their bodies)
  • A restrictive diet approach
  • A one-size-fits-all

What is Included

  • 12 week 60-minute group live interactive coaching session. Half of the session will be on a specific topic (detoxification, bacterial overgrowth, constipation, etc) and the other half is coaching. The video will be recorded to watch later if you cannot attend live. ($3,000 value)

  • Your Gut Digest book created by MS, RD, HCP, CPT that is full of evidence-based education on gut health including exercises and notes for you to track and understand your personal health goals ($60 value)

  • Rewire Your Gut cookbook and meal prep guide with 52 gut healthy recipes, kitchen essentials for a healthy gut, and a free meal plan ($40 value)

  • Membership to our private Facebook community for additional support to ask unlimited questions and be part of a like-minded group of those who are dedicated to improving their health (Priceless)

  • Access to a full catalog of quality supplements and other products at a discounted rate

Premium Add-ons

  • GI map stool test kit done in the comfort of your home + FREE 30 minute evaluation of your results with Erin Kenney, MS, RD, HCP, CPT

  • DUTCH hormone testing with a $100 discount + 30 minute FREE evaluation of your results with Erin Kenney, MS, RD, HCP, CPT

  • Advanced blood tests that look at up to 43 biomarkers that look at metabolism, thyroid, inflammation, liver function, etc. DNA test optional + FREE 30 minute consultation.

  • Virtual 1:1 nutrition consultations with Erin at a discounted rate

  • A 25% discount on all of Erin’s CBD oil products

Testimonials from Program Graduates

I had the pleasure of working with Erin a year ago for one-on-one coaching and recently completed her three-month group coaching course (March 2024). Initially, I was unable to complete my detox, but during the group coaching, I finally managed to do it. Erin was incredibly kind and compassionate, understanding my fears and guiding me through the entire process. It’s been over a month since I started my detox, and I feel so much better. I’m now introducing new foods into my diet and seeing great improvements in my health. I highly recommend Erin to anyone looking for a supportive and knowledgeable dietitian.

There is nothing I would change about my experience with Erin. She was amazing in every way—knowledgeable, supportive, and always responsive. I couldn’t have asked for a better dietitian!!

– Daniela Caporale, March 2024

I was apart of Erin’s Leaky Gut 12 week course. It was extremely helpful. The subject matter was fully explored, and explained with exception knowledge, backed with case studies and examples. She was an excellent facilitator! She encouraged all members of the group to share experiences. We learned so much from Erin as well as other members of the group. Her personalized protocols are the key to success. Her approach to health is simplified and manageable. Erin is such a joy to work with as well as very skilled holistic dietitian. I will continue to work with her as well as highly recommended her to all. I wish I had started sooner with her program. It’s a great program!Thank you Erin!  

– Patricia Means 2024 group

Erin and Nutrition Rewired has fundamentally changed my life. I thank my lucky stars Instagram’s algorithms put her on my feed a few years ago. I had been a silent follower for a number of years. I suffer from laryngospasms at night, where I wake up and can’t breathe. I was told it was likely from acid reflux, I had an endoscopy done, and had been to a number of providers (one of which was a specialist) who all told me to medicate. I was on PPIs for two years, then was on Pepcid for years after then.

I was looking to see how I could manage my symptoms naturally, and transition off the Pepcid – especially as I think about starting a family in a few years. I started the three month program. Erin did a stool test with me, and realized that I had some bacterial overgrowth, giving me a number of supplements to address the issue. She put me on a six-week protocol of supplements, where I took a long and hard look at my diet and lifestyle and the stress I’m under. I’m someone who works out really hard, snacks a lot, and identifies as a super-healthy person. I never thought about the intensity of my environment and the influence that has on my gut.

Erin made me rethink my entire lifestyle: how I exercise and fuel (and re-fuel), how I should breathe in stressful situations, how I should “stimulate, not annihilate” when I’m exercising, how I should be nourishing my body with protein and big, satisfying meals (not tiny snacks all day that never give my stomach a break). I come from a big, Italian family, where acidic food / wine is always on the table, and she helped me navigate tricky conversations when I needed to stay away from those foods to manage my symptoms. I feel like Erin “saw” me, in every way, wanting to hear about every sensation and symptom as I slowly weaned off the Pepcid and began to finally heal.

For the past four years, I’d suffer my laryngospasms and daily reflux in silence, stewing about my symptoms and what they meant, never sure who I could talk to. Erin jumped right in the trenches with me. Nothing – whether it be a bodily function, or an anxiety about a symptom – was TMI. Stomach distress is so lonely, but Erin opened the doors to me and listened. She is compassionate, understanding, and brings humor and sensitivity to our weekly sessions – as knowledgeable as she is nurturing. She gave me the comfort nobody else could, in a challenging period of healing in my life. And when you feel better, you overall FEEL better – life improves!! I can’t recommend her enough – finally off the Pepcid with really clear endoscopy results. I cried thanking her for everything she has done for me. I am forever grateful. I wish I signed up for this years ago. 

– Anna C- 3 month program 1:1 2024

I did the group coaching program. It was a great group and I really enjoyed being a part of a group of other women who experience digestive issues. It can be a frustrating and lonely journey to walk through alone because no one else really understands what it’s like to always wonder and worry what foods will bother your stomach. I also really enjoyed learning a lot of helpful and tangible nutrition information. Erin is a wealth of knowledge, especially having walked through her own digestive struggles. She also has a very realistic and sustainable approach. She understands that food should be enjoyable, and just because we have sensitive GI systems doesn’t mean we have to eat bland boring food forever. But she’ll also be willing to tell you the truth and hold you accountable for your health. I would 100% recommend working with a holistic dietitian!  

– Kelley Hickman 2024 Group

I worked with Erin on the small group coaching and I would highly recommend it. My primary goals in joining the program were to adjust to coming off of an oral contraceptive after over 15 years of taking one and to support my nutrition goals as someone who does not eat meat. I accomplished these goals and also learned more than I could have imagined! Working with Erin is realistic and manageable, she is great at meeting you where you are and taking cues from you on how she can best support you. It’s really up to you how much you engage her and her expertise and take advantage of the time with the small group. I would encourage anyone who has wanted to feel better, more educated and in control of their own body and health to seriously consider working with Erin. 

– C.N January 2024 Group Coaching

I completed the group nutrition course with Erin and a great group of women. The group was small and it was enjoyable and educational hearing from and sharing with everyone. I found out at the end that she was creating a FB group for us to continue learning and sharing with each other and am excited to be able to continue sharing with like minded individuals.

When I started with her I was having constipation issues for years and had tried many different things (ie capfuls of miralax, fiber, extra water, better food choices, massage, worked out multiple times a week etc) with very little help. I would have back pain that made me feel like an old women when I tried to stand and it made it difficult to complete any full workout. So I started with a stool test (might be weird but worth it) and blood test and that helped us figure out where to start. She found a few areas of concern and we went to work. I have been taking some supplements to repair my gut and started making changes to my meals including removing gluten for the moment and have been seeing great improvements. To have a real BM again is wonderful!

On top of being educated and able to explain things in a way that’s understandable Erin is also kind considerate and easy to speak with. I did this course during an extremely difficult transition in my life and I am proud that I made it a priority because the results are life changing!

– T. W. January 2024 Group

I completed the 3-month long group sessions.

My primary goals were to get control of my gut issues which included; constipation, extreme bloating, gastritis, and brain fog which all contributed to poor mental health and daily stress.

I have accomplished these goals for the most part. I have not yet completed the 8-week protocol that I started halfway through the program but I feel confident that by the time I complete it, I’ll have a much better grasp on how to handle future gut issues that could arise. I’m already feeling MUCH better and have confidence in my abilities to use the knowledge I’ve gained here moving forward in my journey. My symptoms, while on my protocol, are significantly better and some weeks are gone completely.

Yes, the work with Erin was realistic and sustainable. At first, it felt like I was gearing up to learn way more information than I could handle in 3 months but Erin took everything slow and broke it down in a way that I could understand. I was able to ask questions whenever I wanted and she always answered them! There were so many educational resources available too. I was able to talk to other members of the group who were experiencing similar issues every week in session or in the chat. The daily journal entries, reviewed and commented on by Erin, were INCREDIBLE. Quite a few times I fell behind putting entries in or felt overwhelmed by how much information I wanted to share but Erin always reminded me to just do my best and she’ll work with what information I could provide to her. I felt very safe!

The price of the supplements were a lot more than I expected but in my experience so far, they’ve been 100% worth it!! I appreciate Erin’s help in making sure I was able to find more affordable options when needed.

To anyone wondering if this is right for them, I’d say this: I had reached a point with my gut health that I was ready to throw in the towel and accept that this would just be my life forever. I had spent way too much money on doctors who didn’t listen to me or take my issues seriously. They all had the same solutions for me to try, even though I would tell them they hadn’t worked in the past. Erin took me seriously, and uses a much broader focus to better target my actual issues. She took the time to figure out exactly what was wrong with me, and worked with me so that I understood my own problem myself, and I saw rapid improvement in my gut health. She also truly cares – when I couldn’t get test supplies sent to my address, she personally shipped them to me so that I could still get the valuable results I needed. I was a bit nervous about the holistic approach, as I’m generally not a “crystals and vibes” type of person, but Erin isn’t like that at all. She’s educated, easy to understand, and flexible in her own understanding of the human body so that she’s always teaching what health scientists are discovering NOW. Additionally, the impact of the educational part of what Erin provides can’t be overstated. Not only do I now have solutions to most of my gut problems, but I also understand them better, and have coping solutions for if they reappear in the future.

I wish I could’ve taken my GI-Map test sooner. To clarify, Erin does encourage everyone to get their tests done as soon as possible so they can start the program with their results in hand. Unfortunately, I had to wait a few weeks due to being on PPIs that could interfere with the test results. There was nothing Erin or I could’ve done about this. Luckily for me, Erin is kindly making sure I can communicate with her until I’ve reached the end of the protocol that she assigned to me. So, if you’re considering this program and want to do testing, I would check on your current medications as soon as you can. Don’t stress though! It’ll all be okay! 😉 – Kennedy King, 2023 Group

I started working with Erin in the 12 week group coaching course. My goals included: PPI wean, addressing SIBO and IBS, gaining knowledge of gut health, nutrition and how to apply them to my specific gut issues. Within a couple of weeks of working with Erin, I began to see tremendous improvement through diet changes and supplements. Unfortunately the program ended in the middle of a difficult PPI wean and SIBO surge. I look forward to working through these challenges in the graduate program.

I’ve learned more about gut health in 3 months with Erin than I did in 5 years with a gastroenterologist. Erin is knowledgeable, encouraging and attentive. I highly recommend Erin to everyone, gut issues or not!  Ashley Torres, 2023 Group

I completed the 3 month group coaching program and I cannot believe how far I have come in terms of not only understanding the science behind great nutrition, but more so in how nutrition can serve me mentally, hormonally, and physically – all in great thanks to Erin due to her compassion, knowledge, approach, tools and resources. Erin has given me the confidence and empowerment to be able to make better and more informed food choices. There were so many times when watching one of her podcasts or listening in on our group chats and I had an “a ha” moment. She has helped me shift my mind-set when it comes to meal planning, to having a better relationship with food, to getting to the bottom of what triggers me mentally and physically, and doing so from a non-judgemental safe space. The group program helped me realize that I’m not alone in floundering to achieve better eating habits and not alone in feeling stressed and uncomfortable after eating and not knowing why – Erin equally encouraged us all, was patient in answering any and all questions, and went above and beyond to connect 1:1. Erin’s programs, her own recipes and products, and her smart partnership with other health programs really helps to position everyone to be successful in their wellness journey. Erin is not only a brilliant re-wirer in the way we view our health but is just a wonderful human being that I am so happy I had the privilege of getting to know! Alyssa Funk, 2022 Group

 I did an online group coaching series with Erin. I joined the group to gain better understanding of clean/healthy eating, how to navigate my hormonal acne, and the role nutrition plays internally. Erin shared her knowledge in such a simple way that it never felt overwhelming. My favorite part about this group is that everyone always came in with questions and/or their own knowledge/resources to share. Erin is a sweetheart and had amazing recommendations along the way. I definitely learned so much, if you put in the effort you’ll get what you want out of working with Erin. Come prepared with questions, be curious, and have an open mind. Erin is amazing and 100% recommend any of her services.- A.B, 2022 Group

 I was trying to stabilize my digestion and hormones and over the course of the program, I made good progress. I found Erin to be very knowledgeable and a great resource for questions related to diet, wellness, and hormone changes. I have worked with a holistic doctor and found Erin to be a good complement to what my doctor covers. – N.S, 2022 Group

Working with Erin is an absolute dream. I’ve utilized her services for both 1:1 coaching as well as two 3-month group coaching sessions. I learned to be more in-tune with my body’s needs as well as advocate for myself at routine doctor appointments. Erin teaches you how to create meals that will satisfy and keep you full, how to fuel yourself properly before and after workouts, and she always focuses on lifestyle changes for better mental health. Her coaching style breaks through all the “noise” (from social media, companies selling new health products, etc.) and gets back to the basic science of what is most beneficial for our bodies. Erin takes your specific needs, concerns, and problem areas and personalizes all her recommendations for you, even in a group coaching setting. I’ve become healthier, happier, and more knowledgeable after working with Erin. I would highly recommend working with her. I know I will utilize her services again in the future!. – Katharine Rzepecki, 2022 Group

I recently completed the group program with Erin. My primary goal was to get to the root of the gut issues that I had been experiencing for about 15 months or so at that point. Never before had I had such gas, bloating, constipation and just general discomfort on a level that I was experiencing daily. I had tried to figure it out on my own as my PCP kind of blew it off and the gastroenterologist just wanted to put me on miralax. Never once was I asked about my eating habits or my stress levels, etc. I had been following Erin on Instagram for awhile and the things that she was posting really made me think and do some more research. But what I really needed was some individualized guidance that my doctors didn’t seem to have the time for. Once I started working with Erin and really putting in the work myself, I started to see results. Pretty much all of my symptoms went away and I was feeling much better. I definitely feel like the changes I made are sustainable. Erin had great suggestions and was attentive to everyone’s individual needs even though it was a group setting. I actually enjoyed the group setting (coming from an introvert) as we could help each other out with our own thoughts and suggestions and get some great feedback. What I would say to someone on the fence is to just do it! You will not regret it. But you have to be willing to put in the work. This is not a quick fix. It takes time and effort and will continue on even when the program is over. – Laura Soule June 2022 Group

I completed the 3-month group with Erin. My primary goal was better understanding how to support my gut while training for the Chicago Marathon. During this experience I learned what foods are able to fuel me and which I needed to limit during this training cycle. I think that this was realistic and sustainable as Erin was very flexible around how I tracked my meals for her and we were able to really increase my protein intake in sustainable ways. To someone on the fence, I would say that this is not a quick fix; however, what you learn in these three months – you will take with you forever. – Teresa Fiori from June 2022 Group

I learned so much from the Rewire Your Gut group coaching program. My purpose for signing up was to learn more about gut health and try to figure out why I was bloated all the time. I also wanted a better grounding in nutrition as I always felt confused about how much protein, fiber, and carbs I should eat. The program was packed with really great information and I definitely came away with better eating habits. With Erin’s coaching and support, my bloating is gone and I’m eating a much healthier diet that is sustainable for the long haul. Erin has a great coaching approach. She is a wealth of knowledge and shares everything she knows about the best products, what products to avoid, and how to make changes that really matter. She doesn’t preach. She just presents great information that can be applied right away. The coaching platform that we used allowed me to share with Erin what I ate, how much sleep I got, exercise, etc. (including the quality of my poop!) was game changing in terms of seeing the big picture of my digestion beyond just the food I ate. My regular doctors could not provide with me even half of the information and tools that I received from this program. I highly recommend working with Erin! – Anonymous group member from June 2022

If you want to do something great for yourself, invest in time with Erin. I have struggled with gut issues for many years and she has helped me conquer those issues. She is a wealth of information on all kinds of nutrition and health issues. I will never have to go to another “weight loss” program again because I now have the tools I need to create a healthy lifestyle and relationship with food. You will not regret joining this program. – Doreen

I’ve been working with Erin for over a year now and have gained so much knowledge! However, the group coaching has taken all that knowledge to another level. She’s given us so much information and broken it all down into understandable pieces. This isn’t about fad diets and cutting calories; this group is about education and implementing those little changes and the camaraderie of like minded women that support each other. We celebrate each other’s success and feel each other’s pains. Our group meetings are just as much therapy sessions as they are educational! It never occurred to me that food and eating is actually such an emotional action. This was a lasting investment that I made for the sake of my health. All of the women, including Erin, were supportive and non-judge mental. I really do feel empowered after every meeting we have. – Rachel Sneed

I reached out to Erin after years of GI issues and doctors never being able to help me. The frustration was at an all time high, thinking I would just have to accept this. I was a little hesitant at first but after a few months passed. I thought about what I had spent on medical bills and prescribed drugs.   Why not invest in myself for the long run verses a quick fix every few months? I love to cook and thought I was already eating fairly healthy on a regular basis, one of the reasons why I never understood why I was having GI issues. Little did I know after starting the program I wasn’t properly fueling my body. I’ve learned so much about different foods to be incorporating into your daily life and WHY. You may think you would only need to meet a few times, but when you are truly trying to create a healthier lifestyle, not just with food but all around, it takes repetition, it takes weekly calls to check in, talk about your highs and lows of your week. If I could do Erins 12 week program all year, I would.  – Danielle Miller 
I recently completed Erin Kenney’s 12 week group coaching and I am super impressed with her program. From the open round table discussions to extensive research and knowledge, Erin has provided me with a wealth of lifestyle changes that I will continue to move forward with. My main goal was focusing on my nutrition and my stomach issues, and with her program I have improved my overall health, wellbeing and outlook on life. I struggled for years not knowing the best nutrients and being enrolled in this program truly helped me overcome these challenges. I am forever grateful for Erin’s expertise and would highly recommend her program to anyone! I am beyond thankful for Erin and a life-long nutritionist that I will continue to consult with. – Julie Rodriguez
Erin is a wealth of information! Her dedication and commitment to evidence-based nutrition information is clear. She is not afraid to challenge conventional nutrition information when the evidence supports it. Erin has helped me gain insight into my personal nutrition needs as it relates to listening to my own body rather than the one-size fits all mainstream approach. She provides a customized approach by respecting individual needs and preferences. I participated in the Group Nutrition program where Erin showed exemplary care for all group members. She was responsive to questions and feedback and made everyone feel welcome and understood. I recommend working with Erin for any gut health or mental health needs! – Melissa Quirk 
I did the 12 week group session. My goal was to get to the root cause of my symptoms and hopefully get on the path to fully healing. I think I accomplished some of it still working through some things; but working with Erin got me a lot further than the previous months dealing with just doctors; The stool test was helpful in identifying a number of things which then informed certain food choices (i.e. items to avoid) – that was very helpful in eliminating some of my symptoms and very glad about that. Beyond the stool test, she also recommended other tests like the vitamin D, which revealed I was very deficient. Getting that corrected has also been helpful in managing my symptoms. From working with her, I also learned how to understand my food labels to know how ingredients impact my gut health; how to eat better and diversify my food which has been very helpful for me on the path to healing. While there are still some things I am still figuring out, I think I would be worse off now if I had not gone through the 12 week session. I would absolutely recommend this service – I got a lot further in my journey to getting better working with Erin than I did working with doctors and GI specialist for almost a year. – S.I 

Erin is incredible! I joined the group coaching program with the goal to not only gain more insight into and support with my own personal GI issues, but also to learn as much as possible about everyday gut support. I had seen a GI doctor previously and didn’t not feel I received the depth of support and investigation needed to improve my symptoms. With the support of Erin and the group coaching program material, I was able to leverage my various test results to make changes in my diet and everyday routine to improve my symptoms and overall health. The information in each weekly session was incredibly eye opening and I learned more than I could have even imagined about how to properly fuel and care for my gut. I thoroughly enjoyed the group coaching setting – it was awesome building relationships with other individuals on a similar journey while also getting individualized support as needed. Highly recommend!! – Nicole Quinn


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