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Ep. 81- How Cannabis Can Support The Gut2024-06-14T12:33:52-04:00
Ep. 79- Colostrum – Should You Try It?2024-06-14T12:32:51-04:00
Ep. 77- Migraines, Vertigo, Dry Needling, Natural pain relief with Dr. Bobbie and Dr. Jess2024-06-14T12:29:40-04:00
Ep. 76 – Colon Cancer Risk, Prevention, Early Detection, Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver2024-06-14T12:28:55-04:00
Ep. 75- Mast Cell Activation Syndrome, Histamine Intolerance2024-06-14T12:27:10-04:00

In today’s episode I discuss:

– What MCAS is

-How MCAS impacts digestion

-Post viral syndrome and MCAS

-Natural remedies and a root cause approach for MCAS

To work 1:1 with Erin or apply for the Rewire Your Gut group go to Nutritionrewired.com

Ep. 74- Hormone Replacement Therapy, Menopause, Perimenopause with Dr. Carrie Jones, ND, DABNE, MPH2024-06-14T12:23:50-04:00

In today’s episode we discuss:
– Lifestyle tips for optimizing hormone balance
– Hormone replacement therapy
– Nuances with the Woman’s Health Initiative

To work 1:1 with Erin or apply for the Rewire Your Gut group go to Nutritionrewired.com

Dr. Jones: https://www.drcarriejones.com/

Ep. 73- Tips To Reduce Inflammation – Diet, Lifestyle, Supplementation2024-03-26T12:26:47-04:00

In today’s episode:
– How chronic disease is linked to inflammation
– Foods to add in for reducing inflammation in the body
– Supplements that support inflammation as well as lifestyle tips

To work 1:1 with Erin or apply for the Rewire Your Gut group go to Nutritionrewired.com

Ep. 71- Support Your Body Coming Off Birth Control And While On It2024-03-26T12:24:36-04:00

In today’s episode:

  • How oral contraceptives can impact the gut microbiome
  • My journey with birth control
  • Ways to naturally support your hormones if you decide to come off or stay on oral contraceptives

To work 1:1 with Erin or apply for the Rewire Your Gut group go to Nutritionrewired.com

Ep. 70- Benefits of Moringa – A Superfood With Dr. Jed Fahey and Lisa Curtis2024-03-26T12:22:16-04:00

In today’s episode:

  • Benefits of moringa
  • Research on medicinal superfoods and their benefit to human health
  • How to incorporate moringa into your daily routine

To work 1:1 with Erin or apply for the Rewire Your Gut group go to Nutritionrewired.com

Ep. 69- Gastritis, H.pylori, and natural remedies for inflammation in the gut2024-03-26T12:20:02-04:00

In today’s episode:
– Signs and symptoms of gastritis
– Root causes of gastritis
– Natural remedies for gastritis

To work 1:1 with Erin or apply for the Rewire Your Gut group go to Nutritionrewired.com

Ep. 68- Food and mood, gut-brain connection Adrien Paczosa RD, LD, CDERD-S2024-03-26T12:18:59-04:00

In today’s episode we discuss:
– The gut brain connection
– The impact that eating disorders can have on the microbiome
– Tips for improving your relationship with food and body

To work 1:1 with Erin or apply for the Rewire Your Gut group go to Nutritionrewired.com

Ep. 67 – The Truth About Lectins2024-03-26T12:18:09-04:00

In Today’s Episode:
– What are lectins?
– When are lectins harmful and who should consider limiting them?
– How to reduce lectins in food to optimize digestion

To work 1:1 with Erin or apply for the Rewire Your Gut group go to Nutritionrewired.com

Ep. 66-Testing With A Gastroenterologist, Enemas, Gut-Liver Connection, Ulcers, with Dr. Sethi MD2024-03-26T12:17:10-04:00

In today’s episode we discuss:
– The gut-liver connection
– Benefits of colonoscopy and endoscopy as well as the limitations
– Natural remedies for ulcers
– Concerns about colonics

Follow Dr. Sethi @doctor.sethi
To work 1:1 with Erin or apply for the Rewire Your Gut group go to Nutritionrewired.com

Ep. 65- Constipation, natural remedies, and laxative use2024-03-26T12:16:03-04:00

In today’s episode I discuss:
– Important of having healthy bowel movements
– Types of constipation
– How hormones impact motility
– Types of laxatives
– Food and lifestyle tips to support constipation
– 3 foods that can make constipation worse

To work 1:1 with me or apply for group coaching, go to NutritionRewired.com

Ep. 64- Water Quality, Gut Health, and Hydration with Eric Roy, Ph. D.2024-03-26T12:15:08-04:00

In today’s episode we discuss:
– What types of contaminants you might find in your water and how they can impact human health
– What types of water filters are best (and what aren’t)
– How hydration can impact gut health and ways to stay hydrated

Ep. 62- Probiotics, Prebiotics, Synbiotics, and Postbiotics2023-07-04T15:31:11-04:00

In today’s episode:
– What are probiotics, prebiotics, synbiotics, and postbiotics
– How can probiotics support mental health
– Benefits of supplementation vs food sources

Ep. 61- Mold toxicity, air, quality, and your health with Michael Rubino2023-07-04T15:28:59-04:00

In today’s episode:
– Why mold poses a threat to our health
– How to support mold detox
– How to know if you have high levels of mold in your home

To work with Erin go to NutritionRewired.com

Ep. 60- Leaky Gut, Autoimmune disease2023-04-17T14:05:45-04:00

In todays episode:
– What is leaky gut?
– How is leaky gut connected to autoimmune disease
– Testing for leaky gut
– Foods to include and exclude for leaky gut

To work with Erin or apply for the Rewire Your Gut group go to nutritionrewired.com

Ep. 59- Lyme Disease, Gut Health, and Healing with Dr. Chris Motley, DC, DABCA2023-04-15T17:21:39-04:00

In today’s episode:
– Symptoms of Lyme disease
– How Lyme disease impacts different systems of the body
– Herbal remedies to treat Lyme diseases

To work with Dr. Motley: doctormotley.com
To work with Erin: nutritionrewired.com

Ep. 58- Acid Reflux and GERD – A Root Cause Perspective2023-02-08T07:09:07-05:00

In today’s episode:
– What is the difference between acid reflux and GERD?
– The harms of long term use of medications used to treat reflux
– Root causes of reflux such as H.pylori, thyroid dysfunction, SIBO, and constipation

To work with a dietitian at Nutrition Rewired go to NutritionRewired.com

Ep. 57- How Diet and Lifestyle Impact Cancer Risk and Treatment with Julie Lanford, MPH, RD, CSO2023-01-19T13:14:47-05:00

In today’s episode we discuss:
– Does meat cause cancer?
– Does sugar feed tumors?
– Should you avoid antioxidants during cancer treatment?
– Probiotics and chemotherapy

To work 1:1 with me go to nutritionrewired.com

Ep. 56- COVID and IBS2023-01-19T13:13:09-05:00

In todays episode:
– How does COVID-19 impact the microbiome
– How diet can improve IBS symptoms related to COVID-19
– Supplements that might be helpful for IBS symptoms

Ep. 55- Why a plant-based diet might be making your gut worse.2023-01-19T13:11:07-05:00

In today’s episode I discuss:
– Compounds in plant-based foods that can exacerbate digestive issues
– Nutrient deficiencies that are associated with a plant-based diet
– How to optimize gut health on a plant-based diet

To work 1:1 with me go to NutritionRewired.com


Summary of anti-nutrients: www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7600777/

Research on phytoestrogens:



Ep. 54- Gut Directed Hypnotherapy and Gut Health with Tim Rudolphi2023-01-19T13:00:41-05:00
Ep. 53- Histamine Intoleranance, leaky gut, and hormone imbalance.2023-01-19T12:51:12-05:00

In today’s episode:
– What histamine tolerance is and what the symptoms are
– What causes histamine intolerance
– Tests to diagnose the root cause of histamine intolerance
– Natural remedies for histamine intolerance

To apply for my group coaching program go to NutritionRewired.com

Ep. 52- Stop Chasing Pain with Dr. Perry Nickelston2023-01-19T12:49:32-05:00

In today’s episode we discuss:
– One of the most overlooked system of the body
– The lymphatic system and it’s relation to stress
-What happens to our bodies when we don’t address the root cause

Check out Dr. Perry’s work:
Instagram: @stopchasingpain

Work with Erin: nutritionrewired.com
Instagram: @nutritionrewired

Ep. 51- Menopause Nutrition, Training and Female Physiology with Dr. Stacy Sims2023-01-19T12:47:43-05:00

In todays episode:
– How to eat and train in all stages of menopause
– How underfeeding impacts the brain and body composition
– How the gut microbiome impacts menopause

Dr. Stacy Sims book: www.google.com/search?client=saf…ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8

Work with Erin: NutritionRewired.com

Episode 50- PCOS and Infertility with Cory Ruth, RD – The Women’s Dietitian2022-08-23T15:54:30-04:00

In today’s episode we discuss:

– What PCOS is and what are signs that you might have PCOS
– How PCOS impacts fertility
– The best supplements for PCOS
– The impact of gluten and dairy on PCOS

Cory: www.thewomensdietitian.com

Work with Erin: nutritionrewired.com

Episode 49- Pelvic floor health, digestion, and sexual function with Dr. DiGrado PT, DPT, PRPC2022-08-04T08:35:35-04:00

In today’s episode we discuss:
– How pelvic floor impacts digestion and vice versa
– How pelvic floor therapy can improve sexual function
– The impact of birth control on female sexual health

To work with Dr. DiGrado: bostonpelvicpt.com/meet-your-pts
To work with Erin: Nutritionrewired.com

Episode 48- Natural flavors, rancid oils, and mold in spices with Nana Joes CEO2022-07-15T12:43:12-04:00

In this episode we discuss:

– Natural flavors and why you might want to avoid them
– Inflammatory fats and rancid oils
– How to avoid mold in spices
– The importance of advocating in the food industry

Order Nana Joes Granola: nanajoes.com

Episode 47- Oral microbiome, flouride use, and the gut with Dr. Seb.2022-07-15T08:44:24-04:00

In today’s episode we discuss:
– Why your oral microbiome is important for optimal gut health
– What type of things are harmful to your oral microbiome
– Why you shouldn’t use flouride
– Natural remedies to improve your oral and gut microbiome such as oil pulling, tongue scraping, and mouth breathing

Work with Dr. Seb: www.wonderofwellness.co.uk/workshop
Dr. Seb’s instagram @biological_dentist

Work with Erin: erin@nutritionrewired.com
Purchase Erin’s cookbooks or lab tested CBD: nutritionrewired.com


Mercury fillings: www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6466133/

Gut-mouth connection: www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC8125773/

Oral biofilms: www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5834367/

Episode 46- Why we should be eating more sprouts with Doug Evans2022-05-19T10:39:45-04:00

In today’s episode Doug and I discuss:

Benefits of broccoli sprouts
Who should and shouldn’t consume sprouts
How to sanitize sprouts


Dougs book: The Sprout Book By Doug Evans – on Amazon

Lectins: Ribeiro, A. C., Ferreira, R., & Freitas, R. (2018). Plant Lectins: Bioactivities and Bioapplications. Studies in Natural Products Chemistry, 1–42.

Episode 45- Sulforaphane, broccoli sprouts, and phytonutrients with Dr. Jed Fahey2022-04-28T18:44:36-04:00

In today’s episode we discuss:

– Phytonutrients in food and why they are good for the gut microbiome
– Benefits of sulforaphane see in clinical trials
– Which foods contain the most sulforaphane

Dr. Fahey’s website: www.jedfahey.com
To work 1:1 with Erin: erin@nutritionrewired.com

Episode 44- Spore based probiotics and leaky gut with Kiran Krishnan2022-04-28T18:02:27-04:00

In this episode we discuss:

– Limitations to probiotic research
– Benefits of spore based probiotics
– When the best time to take a probiotic is

Work 1:1 with Erin or purchase a gut test: Nutritionrewired.com
Instagram: NutritionRewired

Megaspore biotic: microbiomelabs.com/home/
Kiran on instagram: kiranbiome

Episode 43- IBS- Getting to the root cause2022-04-28T18:00:42-04:00

In today’s episode I discuss:

– IBS diagnosis and symptoms
– Root causes of IBS
– Dietary and supplementation for IBS

To work 1:1 with me or order my cookbooks or CBD, go to NutritionRewired.com

Episode 42- Is allulose the new miracle sweetener?2022-04-28T17:58:17-04:00

In This Episode:

– What Allulose is
– Potential benefits and risk of Allulose
– Allulose for IBS

To work 1:1 with me or order my cookbooks or CBD, go to NutritionRewired.com

Episode 41- Endometriosis and Gut Health with Cindy Dabrowska, RDN2022-02-04T17:45:22-05:00

In Today’s Episode:

– How endometriosis and gut health are connected
– Diet and lifestyle tips of endometriosis
– NSAID use concerns with gut health

Links: www.endometriosisdietitian.ca
Instagram: www.instagram.com/Endo.fertility.dietitian

To work 1:1 with me or order my cookbooks or CBD, go to NutritionRewired.com

Episode 40- Medicinal Mushrooms, gut health, immune function, and cancer, with Jeff Chilton2022-01-16T16:04:40-05:00

In today’s episode Jeff Chilton and I discuss:

– Which medicinal mushrooms are the best for immune function, gut health, and more.
– How mushroom products are extracted
– How to choose a good quality product

Get in touch with Jeff: Nammex.com

To work 1:1 with me or order my cookbooks or CBD, go to NutritionRewired.com

Episode 39- Food Sensitivity Testing, Elimination Diets, Whole 302022-01-16T16:05:03-05:00

In today’s solo episode I discuss:

– If you should use food sensitivity testing
– Pros and cons of the Whole 30 diet
– When to use an elimination diet

To work 1:1 with me or order my cookbooks or CBD, go to NutritionRewired.com

Episode 38- Glutathione’s role in immunity, detoxification, cancer, and aging2021-12-16T08:10:48-05:00

In today’s episode we discuss:
– Glutathione and the role it plays in detoxification, cancer prevention, gut health, and fighting infection
– Reasons for low glutathione
– Ways to increase glutathione in the body

To work 1:1 with Erin go to NutritionRewired.com and book a discovery call.

Gianco: https://www.thisisgianco.com

Episode 37- Picky eating and gut health2021-12-16T08:09:08-05:00

In today’s episode we discuss:
– How picky eating can impact gut health
– Ways to make mealtime fun
– Ways to include more natural probiotics in the diet

Work with Erin: https://nutritionrewired.com
Work with Alyssa: https://mamaandmerd.kartra.com/page/TableTalk

Episode 36- Hashimoto’s and Hypothyroidism – Root cause approach with Justin Janoska2021-12-16T08:07:54-05:00

In today’s episode we discuss:

– How diet and lifestyle impact autoimmune conditions
– Lab values that are important for thyroid health
– The connection between trauma and autoimmune conditions

To connect with Justin: https://www.theautoimmunerevolution.com/meet-the-team

Episode 35 – Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), Diet, Lifestyle, Prevention with Dr. Neilanjan Nandi, MD2021-11-21T15:44:32-05:00

In this episode I discuss:

  • Risk factors for inflammatory bowel disease
  • Dietary and lifestyle strategies for IBD
  • Probiotics in the treatment and prevention of IBD

Neilanjan Nandi, MD, FACP:
Podcast and Website/Resources: Dhttps://www.fitwitmd.com

To work 1:1 with Erin or order a stool test, go to NutritionRewired.com

Episode 34 – H.Pylori- Diagnosis, Natural Remedies, and Stool Testing2021-10-13T08:15:09-04:00

In today’s episode I discuss:

  • What H.Pylori is and how it’s diagnosed
  • Natural remedies for H.Pylori
  • Prevention of H.Pylori

To work 1:1 with Erin or order a stool test, go to NutritionRewired.com

Episode 33 – Heavy Metals, Detoxification, and Autism2021-09-23T11:25:58-04:00

In this episode you will learn:

  • Benefits and limitations of genetics
  • Foods that can alter your gene expression
  • What genetics can tell us about disease risk
Episode 32 – Nutrition and Genetics with Dr. Yael Joffe2021-08-12T21:14:13-04:00

In this episode you will learn:

  • Benefits and limitations of genetics
  • Foods that can alter your gene expression
  • What genetics can tell us about disease risk
Episode 31 – Psoriasis, Eczema, and Gut Health with Rakhi Roy, MS, RD2021-08-12T21:10:09-04:00

In this episode you will learn:
– The link between gut health and eczema and psoriasis
– Dietary and natural remedies for skin health
– Benefits of stool testing for getting to the root cause of skin issues

Work with Rakhi Roy Chowdhury, MS, RDN, LDN: www.littleblissnutrition.com

Episode.30- Red Light Therapy and Mitochondria Health with Dr. Mike Belkowski2021-08-12T21:10:48-04:00

In today’s episode:

– What red light therapy is
– What you should use it for
– Why you should care about Mitochondrial health

www.biolight.shop use the discount code NUTRITIONREWIRED10 for 10% off

For highly personalized nutrition to optimize your gut health, metabolism, and human performance, go to {NutritionRewired.com} to work 1:1 with me. To purchase my book Rewire Your Gut go to {NutritionRewired.com}

Episode 29 – Gluten Sensitivity, Celiac Disease, and Wheat Allergy2021-05-02T16:42:28-04:00

In today’s episode I discuss:

  • The difference between celiac, gluten sensitivity, and wheat allergy
  • Tests for diagnosis
  • Who might benefit from a gluten free diet

To work with me go to NutritionRewired.com and book a discovery call.

Episode 28 – COVID-19 and The Gut Microbiome with Dr. Leo Galland, MD2021-04-05T13:04:46-04:00

In this episode we discuss:

  • How COVID-19 impacts the Gut Microbiome
  • Supplements that could be used to treat COVID-19
  • Dr. Gallands opinion on the safety of the COVID-19 vaccine

To work 1:1 with Erin or to purchase her gut healing guide go to NutritionRewired.com.

Dr. Gallands COVID guide: drgalland.com/coronavirus-protection-protocol/

Episode 27 – Hiatial Hernia – Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment with Dr. Vikki Petersen2021-03-08T12:49:16-05:00
Episode 26 – Matching Food And Fitness To Your Physiology. Dr. Stacy Sims2021-03-08T12:46:15-05:00
Episode 25 – PCOS with Saran James-Vaughan2021-02-03T14:31:10-05:00

In this episode we discuss:
– Symptoms and diagnosis of PCOS
– How diet and lifestyle can impact PCOS
– Herbs, medications and supplements for treatment

Contact Saran: www.wellnessbysaran.com

Episode 24 – Kelly Dean, MPT. Pelvic Floor, Gut Health, and Childbirth2021-02-03T14:33:39-05:00

In todays episode:
– Symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction
– The importance of having a strong core and functional pelvic floor for digestion
– How to prepare for a healthy pregnancy

Episode 22 – Candida Overgrowth2020-12-29T13:04:13-05:00

In today’s episode I discuss:

  • What Candida overgrowth is
  • How Candida overgrowth causes leaky gut
  • How to test for and treat Candida overgrowth
Episode 21 – Exercise, Weight loss, and the Keto Diet2021-01-28T08:42:05-05:00
Episode 19 – Acne, Hormones & Gut Health2021-01-28T08:45:28-05:00
Episode 17 – This Is Your Brain On Food2021-01-28T08:46:27-05:00
Episode 16 – No period. Now What? Digestive issues and Hypothalamic Amenorrhea2021-01-28T08:46:53-05:00
Episode 15 – Testosterone Boosting Foods2020-12-22T10:28:23-05:00
Episode 14 – The Gut-Hormone Connection2021-01-28T08:47:39-05:00
Episode 12 – Intermittent Fasting & Gut Health2021-01-28T08:48:46-05:00
Episode 11 – Fat and Oils2021-01-28T08:49:09-05:00
Episode 10 – Low FODMAP diet for IBS and Mental Health2021-01-28T08:49:44-05:00
Episode 9 – Food Addiction, Early Life Trauma, and Eating Disorders2021-01-28T08:50:14-05:00
Episode 8 – Artificial Sweeteners & Sugar Alcohols and Gut Health2021-01-28T08:50:41-05:00
Episode 7 – Early Life Feeding and Gut Healing2021-01-28T08:51:01-05:00
Episode 6 – SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth)2021-01-28T08:51:24-05:00
Episode 5 – Herbs and Adaptogens for Immune Health2021-01-28T08:51:52-05:00
Episode 4 – Exercise and Gut Health2021-01-28T08:52:09-05:00
Episode 3 – Mindful Eating and Digestion2021-01-28T08:52:31-05:00
Episode 1 – Gut Health 1012021-01-28T08:53:05-05:00
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